Wednesday, 22 October 2008

swimming lessons!

we are all sewing and making madly for 'swim', our next sale of handmade goods. the starter gun will blast off at 6 pm on 31 october, which unfortunately is halloween. who needs halloween anyway, isn't macdonald's enough?
who's stuff will be there? i caught lisa ringwood impatiently watching her kiln cool down. well, we are all impatient to see lisa's beautiful work. blow on it lisa! gina niederhumer's beautfully crafted work will also be there with her gingerbread fish. yum, yum. jeanne mauritz is promising some breezy beach wear and sandy mitchell is applique-ing swimmers and life guards up a tempest. maybe lauren fowler will give us a peak preview on her blog, but we have no idea what she is up to. house of hector's paula offers some fishy jewellry, bring your body parts to be bejewelled. some new interest comes in the form of sylvia's shell pin cushions and will marianna be applique-ing those fish? what about the buckets and spades? hmmm.....we wait with baited breath. oh, boy, i nearly forgot, alex bozas's beautiful photos of dalebrook pool!

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  1. wow! what a great pin cushion! I'm making bikini brooches! Maybe I'll get my act together and blog them before the exhibition!