Friday, 19 March 2010

there are many uses for a pick n pay packet....

.... but this should not be one of them.
on monday i went for lunch with my friend wim, who is the manneberg catholic priest. that morning a small boy had arrived at his door dressed in a plastic bag. he had made holes in the legs and slipped his arms into the handles. his mother had sold all their clothes to buy tik. the abuse of children and the elderly as a result of addiction to tik is an everyday occurance in mannenberg. i am always overwhelmed with wim's compassion and ability to live in this environment and to still have faith. blossom has decided to give 10% of all sales over the easter weekend to the mannenberg catholic church. (this will also make up for our sin of having our 'kitchen tea' exhibition on good friday!) there will be a basket for collection of clothes, toys, easter eggs etc. if you have good old clothes of any size please bring. if you would like to make a cash donation please contact us. (p.s blossom does not support any particular religious affiliation, this is a means to support a community)
Mannenberg photos by andrew garton

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